New Sensations Studio Spotlight!

New Sensations

New Sensations is one of the top adult film studios in America. It is the parent company and sister-label of Digital Sin, and was founded in 1993 by Scott Taylor. In 2006 it was described by Reuters as one of the handful of studios that dominate the U.S. porn industry. The first films it produced were the Video Virgins series, which ran from 1993 to 1998.

New Sensations is a worldwide leader in adult film production committed to creating and producing high-end erotic content in a variety of genres. They have received multiple awards and worldwide acclaim for a variety of titles ranging from dialogue-driven features to all-sex releases.

The studio has released several porn versions of popular media (usually titled "[original title]: A XXX Parody") including The X-Files, Scrubs, That 70's Show, The Big Lebowski, The Office and 30 Rock.

Their Romance Series, which boasts such popular films as, Lost and Found, The Friend Zone, and A Little Part of Me went on to inspire the creation of The Couples Series, The Erotic Stories Collection, and The Swingers Series.

The Couples Series' film Torn remains one of the studio's most highly decorated films to date, with award wins for Best Couples' Release, Best Actor, Best Actress in a Couples Film, and Best Screenplay.

Among the many directors New Sensations works with, two directors, Jacky St. James and Eddie Powell, have become associated with the success of the studio more than any others.

Jacky St. James is an award winning writer and director for New Sensations, known for creating a wide range of erotic films, from romantic comedies to edgier all-sex releases. Her most acclaimed titles for the studio have been Torn, The Submission of Emma Marx, and The Submission Of Emma Marx 2: Boundaries. Just a year into her career, Jacky took home the Best Screenplay award at AVN and the following year Torn (which St. James wrote and then subsequently co-directed with Eddie Powell) earned multiple awards including Best Couples Release, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay during award season.

With over 100 titles to his name, Eddie Powell has established himself as one of the top directors in the business. From parodies, to all-sex videos, to girl-girl and romance features Powell's been able to do it all. His directing career began in 2006 and since then he and his films have garnered numerous awards throughout the years, including a Director of the Year win at XBIZ in 2012.

New Sensations has remained a leader in the XXX industry and continues to provide extremely high-quality fare with outstanding production values and a keen eye toward the absolute hottest performers!