Bonus: DVD Spotlight

Love, Sex & TV News!

Local News, Network-Level Sex!

Welcome to the world of high stakes TV journalism!  LA’s News 10 used to be the number 1 rated station, but lately it’s been slipping. Maggie (Sarah Vandella) wants to help, but she’s stuck in a rut. Her boss has been breathing down her neck, she hasn’t had sex in months, and she has to find a way to revive her career and get laid…fast! Then she gets the idea to do a story on prostitutes, and things take off! Carmen Caliente, the lusty weathergirl, gets her pre-show routine on with Chad White. He eats her pussy until she is cumming in showers! Research on a notorious local prostitution ring allows Maggie to watch buff businessman Alec Knight get his proud tool serviced by an adoring professional (Capri Cavanni)! Maggie jumps at the chance to let her contact, Skin Diamond, show her the real life of an LA prostitute! But when her “research” starts feeling more real than her career, Maggie knows she has to make some serious decisions!  Acclaimed director Will Ryder brings you an erotic tale of modern career women and their struggle to have it all!

AVN says:
“AVN Hall of Famer Ryder brought together an impressive cast of top adult thespians for the movie, which features Vandella at its center.
"I dare you to show me a girl that turned in a better performance this year," Ryder said. "This could be the best acting performance of the year, male or female, and she deserves an award nomination."
Ryder discussed the project in detail with Vandella before casting her, and says he came away convinced he was making the correct decision. "She's really quite good," he asserted.
Vandella calls it "one of the great experiences of my life." She said, "I was so happy when I got the role because the character Maggie is a real person with real problems and dreams. And to play a career-minded TV producer within an original comedy was a huge challenge, but the script was so good I knew this would be a special movie."
A humorous take on the fast-paced world of TV journalism, Love, Sex & TV News focuses on News 10 Los Angeles and its talented and gorgeous producer. As the station’s ratings begin to slip, along with Maggie’s love life, she turns to the world of high-end escorts to get a scoop that will bring in viewers. With her boss breathing down her neck, she sets about reviving her career ... and her sex life.” …Courtesy of Allen Smithberg at AVN