Costumes and Fantasy

Costumes and Fantasy DVDs Sex With the Baby Sitter

Costumed fantasy play has been a part of our repertoire for centuries – even the Greeks and Romans played “dress-up” as a prelude to sex! This is your opportunity to watch beautiful performers live out your fondest fantasies in the perfect costume during the perfect situation! From fairy tails gone delightfully dirty to hot babysitters seducing their bosses, costumes and role-playing are hot entertainment!  Cheerleaders kick it into high gear as they prove they’ll do anything to make the squad! Girls in Uniform, from cops to soldiers to firefighters, turn up the heat and rescue you from horniness! Exotic escorts in silky lingerie, sexy teachers and professors who just want to give you the chance to make the grade, no naughty situation is out of reach! The world of exotic fantasy and cosplay is guaranteed to inject some good wholesome fantasy into your sex life!




Hot Coeds Babysit For Cock in Sex with the Babysitter!


2 Disc Set Featuring Beautiful Women in Lingerie & Nylons!