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Being Riley!

Riley Reid's 1st Anal & DP! Special Edition 2 Disc Set!

Being Riley

Since she exploded onto the XXX scene in 2013, fresh-faced brunette Riley Reid has been a popular fan favorite and a critical success. Now she takes you on the ultimate sexual journey as she invites you to watch her explore the excesses of her sexuality!

Being Riley is a tale of sexual awakening created by award-winning director Greg Lansky. Once a “wild child”, gorgeous Riley Reid plays a frustrated young woman who feels stifled by her sexually conservative town and her dead-end relationship, and sees a need for a change. Riley pined for the company of her gal pal Sarah (Aidra Fox) after she walked out on her loser boyfriend, and Aidra greets her in Los Angeles wearing a skin tight purple outfit that quickly hits the floor as the two move into a slow motion bathing sequence!

Riley and Aidra strip to share the large bathtub, and Aidra quickly reveals her admiration and lust for the cutie as they share a laugh and a kiss. Aidra makes it her mission to “bring the old Riley back” to her horny ways, starting with a long, lingering kiss. Her sexually-sophisticated old friend Sarah begins to guide her to a new beginning by loosening up Riley to be the openly-sexual girl she wants to be, escaping her boring rural existence with daring forays into her darkest desires! And of course that means . . . anal sex!

Sarah inspires Riley to explore her deepest, darkest fantasies, which lead to some amazing experiences, including her first time having anal sex and her first double penetration! So Sarah sets up a few dates for her gal pal.

Wearing a white lace dress, Riley beams as reigning male performer of the year Mick Blue, dressed in a sporty casual suit, shows her his loft overlooking the city while they share some bubbly and he spouts some goofy pick up lines. Then Mick is all over her in seconds, kissing and pawing her while hiking up her dress and sneaking into her panties to discover that tight little ass!

With a fantastic bonus lesbian scene (Reid & Fox) as well as an in-depth, exclusive interview, this is one of the most important roles of Riley Reid’s career – and you don’t want to miss it! Includes an 18 min. interview with Riley and Aidra!