DVD Spotlight

A Father’s Secret Life Leads His Son To A New York City Cougar . . . And A Side Of His Dad He Didn’t Know Existed!


It’s not often that an adult feature movie can take on a serious, real-world event and give it some insight and meaning without disrespect . . . but in this amazing tale of love, loss, regret and discovery award-winning director Brad Armstrong manages to take the most bleak and dire of events and bring an inspiring element of both eroticism and humanity to the lives of the people it touched. Earning a rare and coveted AAAAAs from AVN and Editor’s Choice at both AVN and XBIZ, Aftermath is an “engaging and sexy” tale of loss and love.

Armstrong manages to brilliantly convey this story with engaging performances from all – especially the gorgeous sexpot Jessica Drake. It is not, as you might think, a love story between a man and a woman, but a story of the bonds between father and son.

Danny’s trip to New York City by bus includes an encounter with an amorous couple in the seat behind him. Xander Corvus and AVN Performer of the Year Bonnie Rotten burn away the miles with each other! You’ll see up close and personal how Bonnie won that award. If you want more, check her full-length scene out in the bonus section.

You’ll see another side of Julia Ann in Aftermath. She navigates her role as the cheated wife (who finds out 13 years later) as deftly as she fills her morning love session with that cad Ryan Driller.

Don’t miss Aftermath – it may be one of the best and most thoughtful pieces of erotica to be made in the last decade.