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Clone-A-Willy Plus+ Balls Kit


Clone-A-Willy Plus+ Balls Kit

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Clone It All!

Create A Vibrating Silicone Copy Of Your Willy –– Plus Balls!

Everything you need included! Just add water! That's all you do to cast your willy and balls. This complete at-home kit gives you everything you’ll need to make an authentic replica of your actual erection –– down to every bulging vein! Combine the casting material in the kit's tube. Slowly slip in your erect shaft and balls. Wait for the material to set, then slowly pull out. Next, pour in the liquid silicone to create a dildo sex toy that looks just you. Insert the kit's powerful vibrator to add thrilling vibrations to your rubber replica penis. Your Clone-A-Willy Plus + Balls Kit has easy, detailed instructions to make this a fun, sexy craft project.

  • Clone-A-Willy Plus + Balls Kit
  • Everything you need in one kit – just add water
  • Completed penis (+ balls) replica ready in 24 hours
  • Made in USA
  • Vibrator uses 1 AA battery (sold separately)
  • Makes a playful, unforgettable gift

The Clone-A-Willy Plus + Balls Kit lets you cast a vibrating silicone dildo that looks exactly like your own erect penis and balls. Your kit includes:

  • 16 oz. two part silicone rubber mix
  • 9 oz. timed molding powder
  • Thermometer to monitor tap water
  • Vibrator unit
  • Molding tube
  • Stir stick

As soon as your kit arrives, begin fondling his member or give him head to get it good and hard. Choose a workspace, like a kitchen table and give yourself plenty of uninterrupted time. Arrange all your materials and follow the directions closely get the best results.

Although your Clone-A-Willy Plus + Balls Kit can be made by one person, it is much, much easier and way more fun with two sets of hands.

You'll begin by mixing the molding powder with water. Then transfer the material into the molding tube and insert your erect penis and balls. (Hint: try using a penis ring to maintain a firm erection during the molding process.) Then carefully pull out and let the mold set. Now, mix the liquid silicone rubber and pour it into the mold. If desired, insert the vibrator (keep it turned off, of course). Let your Clone-A-Willy Plus = Balls vibrating dildo kit sit undisturbed for 24 hours...then take out a life-like silicone vibrating dildo that's a perfect detailed replica of your erect penis and balls.

Use the Clone-A-Willy Plus + Balls Kit with your lover and enjoy teasing them with your new sex toy "twin." Or use it on yourself to see what your sex partners have been experiencing. The Clone-A-Willy Plus + Balls Kit's vibrating dildo makes a thoughtful gift –– especially when he's out of town on business.

Your finished Clone-A-Willy sex toy can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water or sex toy cleaner.

AdamMale recommends this realistically fun sex toy craft project for adventurous couples to explore together.

Brand Empire Labs
Colors White
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Clone-A-Willy Plus Balls Kit
Clone-A-Willy Plus+ Balls Kit